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Which images are fair to use online? How to find free images for websites & blogs? Here are the simplest ways to tell if a photo is copyrighted!

 It is a final time to clear up the misconceptions and the blurred lines when it comes to copyrighted photos – Which images are fair to use online?

If you want to add some flower to your PowerPoint presentation, website, blog or some other project, you know how easy is to get confused and steal someone else’s photo. Well, those photos can be easily turned into a serious trouble for you, your business, your website, blog or presentation.

You need to know how to protect yourself and how to tell if one photo is protected. We are going to present you a few simple ways to use and tell if a photo is okay for you to use:

  • Be familiar with general signs of a protected photo – Even though there may not always be a quick way to decide if a photo has been copyrighted, there are a few signs that must be taken into consideration. Some of the easiest ways of filtering out copyrighted photos include checking out these following characteristics – watermarks, a note indicating ownership, a copyright symbol, an official copyright listing, it is simply not yours.
  • Research and analyze to decide if a photo is copyrighted – Before you use a certain photo, you need to be absolutely sure that you can use it and in order to do that, you need to double check the photo. You need to research and analyze to decide if a photo is protected. You need to conduct a reverse-search on the photo and visit the Copyright office so you can look up for an official report.
  • Just ask – Using attribution or a simple disclaimer doesn’t make a photo legal for you to use. If it is not so clear if one photo is officially protected, we recommend you to inquire the owner of the property usage and rights. You should obtain permission from the creator if you didn’t find it on a public domain or with Creative Commons licensing.

You know the rule – if you didn’t write it or paint it – it is not yours and you shouldn’t use something without a permission or a proper attribution. So, until you can prove that a certain photo is not protected or copyrighted, don’t use it.

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