How To Optimize Your Public Domains Images Free For Your Website

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With the proliferation of digital cameras, even free public domain images websites can display high-resolution images. However, the downside to these images is that they are larger and tend to slow down your web page’s load time. If your website has a number of them, your bounce rate could increase. A high bounce rate could negatively impact your search engine rankings. One good thing is that there are a few steps to take to prevent these problems without necessarily using low-resolution images. There are many tools you can leverage to compress the size of your images without impacting their quality. In this segment, we are going to tell you effective tips to optimize your images for search engines:

· Opt for the right file format when choosing public domains images free

The right image format is crucial to achieving high search engine rankings. Search engines do not recognize some image files. The best image formats to boost your search engine rankings include JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Most website owners swear by JPEG, which is why it’s the most popular image format. But there is a catch: If you compress it, its quality will suffer.

· Optimize the public domains images free for the web

Optimizing images for the web entails minimizing their sizes as much as possible, without interfering with their quality. There are numerous techniques to do this, but the best way is to take advantage of image compression tools like Compress JPEG or Tiny PNG. These tools are easy to use. You simply upload your image to them, and they do all the heavy lifting for you.

· Choose informative names for your royalty free Photos or public domain images

If you want your image to rank high in search engines, it’s important that you give it a name. And not just a name, but an informative name. An informative name is a name that people are using to search that image online. Informative names make it easy for search engines to pinpoint the location of your images when people search for it. You can use a tool like Google Search Console to let you know the kinds of words people are using to search your image.

· Integrate social media into your website to help people to people find your public domains images free

Social media is big today. With more than 2 billion users, it’s a great place to expose your images for free. This is why you must ensure that your website is integrated with social media. The good thing about social media integration is that it comes with social share buttons that allow you to share your images on different social media platforms in a matter of seconds.  When a ton of people sees your pictures, it could help boost your search engine rankings.

· Check out Google’s webmaster guidelines for tips on how to optimize your public domains images free for search engines

Google has drawn up a series of publishing guidelines to help you effortlessly optimize your images for search engines. The guide comprehensively walks you through the different techniques to optimize your images for search engines.

· Include your main keywords in your public domains images free descriptions

Image descriptions are important because they tell viewers the story behind the image. Take advantage of this section to optimize the image for search engines by incorporating your main keywords. Keywords will ensure that the image appears on top of search results when users search using those keywords.


With this comprehensive rundown, optimizing your free images shouldn’t be work. The image you choose can make or break your website. So make sure to optimize it for search engines before you hit the publish button.